Thursday, December 19, 2013

Introducing Kirsten

Year 2013 is coming to an end and I have not made a single post in the entire year. I hope to make an entry early next year about how beautiful 2013 has been for me and for my family. Let me begin by introducing to you the newest addition to my family. She is Kirsten Dunst Asuncion Cordova.(Yes, she is named after that gorgeous lady in Spiderman) She was born on the 29th of November in Ramon, Isabela, Brenda's hometown. She is so tiny at 3 lbs. but she seem very long at 17". I can't believe my youngest brother (Eddieboy) is now a dad.  

She is so beautiful. I guess the heavens lost one of its angels.She got Brenda's almond eyes and cute Asian nose and she has Eddieboy's dark wavy hair. She is now my fifth pamangkin. Congratulations to Eddieboy and Brenda for this beautiful creature.