Thursday, August 30, 2012

it's about time to publish my version of events

It's been fourteen months since I posted my first entry on this blog. I got caught up with so much things and events from here and there making it almost impossible for me to write. A performance from Emeli Sande in  the closing ceremony of London Olympics has brought so much motivation in me to start writing again.

I still don't have a coherent plan on what to write down but I will think hard to recall note worthy events that took place in recent years. My post will mainly dwell on random stuff about my family, my ramblings and any worth blogging situations I want to remember.

Let me share this first photo showing how much weight I've loss when I started hitting the gym January of this year. I've learned consistency and persistence because of this activity and I came to appreciate better what it means to stay fit and healthy.

I am still not comfortable with my writing skills because writing is something that still takes an unnatural amount of effort on my end  but hopefully as I go on updating this blog, I will be able to get my hands coordinated with my brain.

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