Thursday, June 30, 2011


People say this is called blogging. An avenue where they write stuff either to share, to inspire, to inform, to express, to bash, to waste and to simply write things that are worth sharing,inspiring and informative. Or a virtual place where you can express what the lobes of your brain says. A place where you can courageously bash and tear down someone who does not share the same principles and views like you. Or simply an unknown sphere where you can waste and exploit whatever it is there to write.
I am not a blogger. I lack the credentials to qualify to be one. I am not a writer. There is not much to write about. I may not be a writer, I will write anyway. I will do what it takes to be qualified a blogger, a writer. As I do so, I will come to appreciate and put more meaning on the word PERSISTENCE. I may write my random thoughts incoherently or in transgression to the establish grammar rules and formulae of sound writing, I will write anyway.
I am barely beginning and I look forward to be a step farther from beginning. I want this endeavour to transform me to a better person, an another blogger who just don’t write to write but write about things which I feel and know  has the right to be written, to be expressed, to be shared and to be known.
I will write with all my heart to those who read with a heart. I may draw flaks or gather bashers for my flawed style of writing. I will write anyway. I have a life with gazillion of experience to share, some boring but tons are interesting.
If you stumble on this page on this world wide archives, read it anyway because even if you don’t I will write anyway.