Thursday, December 19, 2013

Introducing Kirsten

Year 2013 is coming to an end and I have not made a single post in the entire year. I hope to make an entry early next year about how beautiful 2013 has been for me and for my family. Let me begin by introducing to you the newest addition to my family. She is Kirsten Dunst Asuncion Cordova.(Yes, she is named after that gorgeous lady in Spiderman) She was born on the 29th of November in Ramon, Isabela, Brenda's hometown. She is so tiny at 3 lbs. but she seem very long at 17". I can't believe my youngest brother (Eddieboy) is now a dad.  

She is so beautiful. I guess the heavens lost one of its angels.She got Brenda's almond eyes and cute Asian nose and she has Eddieboy's dark wavy hair. She is now my fifth pamangkin. Congratulations to Eddieboy and Brenda for this beautiful creature.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Baby Hadji is now Two Months Old!

I hope this post will make up for my long hiatus in blogging. My precious nephew baby Hadji turned two months old yesterday, October 23. This sweet and darling creature is growing so quickly and I can't wait to share his pictures.

He is starting to look a lot like my older brother and has a charm like that of my sister in-law. 

I think my nephew loves the camera and looks like he is in competition with me, look at his clenched fist aiming it on my face.
He is really adorable and I can't resist rocking him to sleep whenever I had the chance. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Reliving and Cherishing College Memories

I’m still appreciating the evening I spent with my college classmates on a  rainy Saturday night at Central BBQ Boy Grill in Makati. The venue with its laid back setting of wooden picnic tables, chill out music and alfresco dining is probably what made me nostalgic of that beautiful night. 

I've been so busy and been so out of touch from these people I'd gone to school with for four years. We all got a job in the metro and live just within a five miles radius but we rarely had the chance of hanging out together. There were several occasions I got invited to join them during weekends but due to conflicting schedules and uncompromisable commitments I ended up missing these gatherings.

I'm glad that Marvie and Mimi are always reaching out to me whenever there is a planned gathering. It's been ages since the last time I saw my classmates.That is why despite of the heavy downpour of rain, I made sure not to miss this one.

Your blogger, Jaymar (the birthday boy) and Richard (the organizer)

 I was expecting that this gathering will be a sort of class reunion but surprisingly there were only eight of us, just a quarter of the total number of our class. It isn't strange that after several years and changes, we are more or less the same.

The Ladies in Black: Myra, Marvie, Mimi, Shyr and Aessie Anne

We shared a good meal and lots of good conversations flew around the table. Some old memories (someone actually brought with him old college pictures), some current life stories about work and families, some events like who got married recently, who change jobs and whatnot. We talked about the ones who weren’t there and the ones we wish to be there. The meal was great  especially the grilled Filipino dishes. 

After the long conversation about the past ,the present and the future, we decided to leave Central BBQ Grill and have another round of meal at Sinangag Express.

On our way to our next stop, we posed for a group picture under the flyover.

And when we got there, I had my picture taken at the entrance of the restaurant.

Another round of good meal was shared and we had more mature  conversations about life and time and change and joy and sorrow and faith and failures and successes. These matters have been  more real for each of us and perhaps we understand it a  little better now than we did back then.

I am already looking forward for our next gathering and I find myself wishing this could happen more often.

These are good people. I miss them again already.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Andrei's Baptism

On the 4th of August, I endured the 10 hour bus drive from Manila going home to my province in Isabela to perform a special duty. 

My nephew Andrei got baptized and I've been asked by my younger sister to perform the ordinance.

 I am so proud that he chose to be baptized. I really admire my sister for guiding him and setting the right example for him.

 The program went very nicely and I had the most beautiful feeling that day. I performed similar thing when I was a missionary but the feeling of baptizing your own family member has brought so much joy which is beyond words to express.His testimony  is the sweetest thing I have heard in a long time.

Coming all the way from Manila did worth the trip. I can't make the 400 km. distance from Manila to Isabela shorter but I know I did something to help my nephew find the way (though not the shorter way but it is the sure way) to Heavenly Father.

Introducing Hadji-our new little wonder!

I am so stoke to post this very first photo of my pamangkin. Our newest member of the clan arrived on 23rd of August 2012! He is named after my older brother's nickname which is Hadji. He weighed 8.8 lbs. He is pretty big. I wasn't able to get the exact figure about his length but he looks pretty long. He is very cute!

Isn't he the sweetest little thing you ever did see!

I didn't know my sister in-law already gave birth to him and neither my Kuya Hadji was present when she gave birth because we were both in the province during that day.I'm glad my ever helpful youngest brother Eddieboy drove Ate Dominga to the birthing center.I only got to see my nephew five days after. I love him as soon as I set my eyes on him. It is amazing to me what a miracle it is to behold such precious little angel from heaven. His arrival now make me an uncle of four .

Here is a collage of pictures of my adorable pamangkins Andrei, Pearl and Kamlon.

I surely love these darling little kids!

and here's more cuteness

I'm so glad Baby Hadji is healthy and already here despite of the little trouble my sister in-law with low level of amniotic fluid.

Congratulations Kuya Hadji and Ate Ingga!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

it's about time to publish my version of events

It's been fourteen months since I posted my first entry on this blog. I got caught up with so much things and events from here and there making it almost impossible for me to write. A performance from Emeli Sande in  the closing ceremony of London Olympics has brought so much motivation in me to start writing again.

I still don't have a coherent plan on what to write down but I will think hard to recall note worthy events that took place in recent years. My post will mainly dwell on random stuff about my family, my ramblings and any worth blogging situations I want to remember.

Let me share this first photo showing how much weight I've loss when I started hitting the gym January of this year. I've learned consistency and persistence because of this activity and I came to appreciate better what it means to stay fit and healthy.

I am still not comfortable with my writing skills because writing is something that still takes an unnatural amount of effort on my end  but hopefully as I go on updating this blog, I will be able to get my hands coordinated with my brain.

Thursday, June 30, 2011


People say this is called blogging. An avenue where they write stuff either to share, to inspire, to inform, to express, to bash, to waste and to simply write things that are worth sharing,inspiring and informative. Or a virtual place where you can express what the lobes of your brain says. A place where you can courageously bash and tear down someone who does not share the same principles and views like you. Or simply an unknown sphere where you can waste and exploit whatever it is there to write.
I am not a blogger. I lack the credentials to qualify to be one. I am not a writer. There is not much to write about. I may not be a writer, I will write anyway. I will do what it takes to be qualified a blogger, a writer. As I do so, I will come to appreciate and put more meaning on the word PERSISTENCE. I may write my random thoughts incoherently or in transgression to the establish grammar rules and formulae of sound writing, I will write anyway.
I am barely beginning and I look forward to be a step farther from beginning. I want this endeavour to transform me to a better person, an another blogger who just don’t write to write but write about things which I feel and know  has the right to be written, to be expressed, to be shared and to be known.
I will write with all my heart to those who read with a heart. I may draw flaks or gather bashers for my flawed style of writing. I will write anyway. I have a life with gazillion of experience to share, some boring but tons are interesting.
If you stumble on this page on this world wide archives, read it anyway because even if you don’t I will write anyway.